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Let's Travel Together!

You all have been asking, and your requests have been heard and heeded. As the Chair of Travel and Tours for the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs, I and your preisdent, Claudia Bates, have made some exciting plans.

I have taken the time to go over your responses and tailor trips to the places that you all want to see! Unfortunately due to time, we are only able to offer one trip in 2018, but we think that you will be excited with the choice and the options that we have provided for you for 2019. I have been working closely with a few companies to learn the ins and outs of their payment schedules to ensure that you will ahve the proper time to plan and choose your desired trips.

As we announce the options, please keep in mind that the space on these trips will be held based on an active show of interest. It is important for me to reserve these spots as soon as I can. Help me help you by booking your trip as early as possible. The quicker we can fill up these trips the more places we can go!

I have done my best to provide a variety of choices for 2019 based off of your requests; however, the fun does not stop here. Continue to send me suggestions so that I can look into future trips; this way the travel opportunites never end.

I am excited to provide everyone with the opportunity to chase their travel dreams. My aim is to make hassle free, safe, and pocket book friendly trips! Take advantage of my 25 plus years of travel professional experience and let me be your travel guide.

Please look at the trips we have suggested and give me a call. Click the button for an on-line travel survey and do me a favor by filling it out. I look forward to getting to you know each of you.

Upcoming Florida Garden Club Trips
Online Travel Survey